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Welcome to the R&M warranty application form

What you will need to complete this form:

  1. R&M certified ID number: You must hold a valid ID number as a certified Installation Manager/Designer.
  2. Full address of project site: address of where the installation is and not the head office address of the end-user.
  3. Project Name: A meaningful name given to the project (this will be displayed on the certificate). This is often provided by the end-user.
  4. Test equipment details (make, model, firmware version number, calibration date etc.) must be within 1 year of last calibration.
  5. Installed link data: copper and/or fiber link information according to what has been tested (this should all correspond with the measured data uploaded at the end of this request).
  6. List of key R&M products with the quantities installed on this project (key products being connectivity and cable products as a minimum).
  7. Test result data must be uploaded in its original format and not as pdfs.
  8. Schematic of the project must be uploaded (in any format).
  9. Calibration certificate must be uploaded for all testers with the exception of all Fluke devices (where the test result data shows the calibration date).

Points to note upon R&M warranted systems:
  • The R&Mfreenet Installation and Test Guidelines must have been complied with.
  • The relevant standards must have been complied with.
  • The customer-specific requirements must have been complied with.
  • Please do not provide files and measurements that are not directly relevant to the project for which this warranty will apply.
  • For data files larger than 25MB, please arrange with your local R&M contact how to send the required files for the warranty application.

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